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All Hope Lost


To wait for you
Is a desire that my soul can’t bear
With the torture of hope
And reason you seem to care
I am trapped in my own version of soap
Staring into the dark clouds of persistence
Hoping for The chariot of hope
To ride me to the place of love’s existence
But when hope fades
All that’s left are just emotions
Coloured with different shades
So with every breath in motion
I utter words sent out by negative maids
Watching my heart float in the ocean
With no desire to wait for darling’s gaze

You are everything


When I run out of time
And my back aches as I try to rewind the clock
When I run out of sight
And my vision fades as I try to see beyond
When i run out of thoughts
And my memory fails as I try to remember
When I run out of strength
And my muscles grow weak as I try to push
I will find healing in your touch
I will find sight in your eyes
I will find memories in your words
I will find strength in your hugs
I will find everything in you

I Vow


When grey comes
I will be here
Welcoming grey with you with open arms
When sight fades
I will be here
Holding your hand as you try to navigate
When hearing leaves
I will be here
Whispering sweet sounds of passion
When strength goes
I will be here carrying you wherever you need to go
When beauty fades
There will be no such thing, cause yours is eternal
And when challenges come with time
And struggles come with time
I will be here
Going through it all with you
I vow…

Waiting for you


I was yours the moment I laid my eyes on you
Although circumstances have made me blue
And the past has a thing on you too
My feelings are true
I will be here waiting for you

Where are you?


Where are you?
Tell me you hear me
Show me your location
And let’s fast forward to that beautiful occasion
Relieving destiny of her duty
Merging as one
As we obstruct the balance of molecules in the universe
Taking our ordained position in this world
Listening to only our words
Losing touch with everything except each other
Making the carbon bonds in diamonds jealous of our union
Letting them watch from your finger
As we spend eternity together
Where are you?
If you can hear me
Show me

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