Good night


Was it worth it?
I ask myself
as I stand on a cliff,
watching the waters,
listening to the waves whispering my name,
telling me about about peace in an end.

I search deeply for a reason to stay.
Looking to the sky
for a sign for a better day.
Having flashbacks of battles fought,
Sacrifices made,
Bridges burnt,
Scars that won’t fade,
and the pain of hope,
That all will be worth it.

I hold my heart on my palm.
Scolding myself for wearing it on my sleeve.
Contemplating crushing what’s left of it.
Cause the plasters won’t hold its pieces together.

Walking closer to edge of the cliff,
I let go of my heart.
The atmosphere gets colder and I shiver.
I block out the screams of people telling me I was enough.
I am enough.
No! I’m not.
For if I was,
She would be here.

So I shut my eyes and turn my back,
Taking three short steps backwards.
I find myself missing the third step,
And before I hit the waters below,
I utter out my last words,
“Take care of her”
Good night…


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