I woke up daily with scars and bruises.

My head aching and my heartbeat racing.

I felt pain each day,

and with so much frustration I pulled my hair and became bald with spots of blood. 

Each day I was pulled from the bath tub with cuts on my wrist which was an attempt to end the pain .

I went to different doctors and they couldn’t identify the cause.

I went to different psychiatrists and they tied me up in isolation.

And still I was unwell. 

And so I went to a priest.

He welcomed me in and told me I was possessed. 

He locked me in a dark room,

Chanted words and whipped me daily. 

He poured water on me,

and fed me through a hole.

And one day, 

he strapped me to a chair in preparation for my exorcism. 

He began to chant words, 

and I could feel my body levitating,

my bones twisting,

my back arching,

and my eyes bleeding,

as the parasite struggled to remain in me.

And then the priest held up a sign towards me.

I could feel my heart ripping, my lungs collapsing and my bones cracking.

And he calls out its name, as in every exorcism, 


With the impact of its dispel I was thrown to a corner of the room and thereafter I was free.


Weeks passed and my life was a little pleasant.

The wounds on my wrist had healed.

My heartbeat was normal.

But my head was still aching.

So I went to the priest to show gratitude for what he had done.

But he was locked up in isolation. 

What was dispelled from me,

entered him.

And all of a sudden, my eyes opened.

I saw deeper cuts on my wrist,

scars all over my body,

my heart beating faster,

my head aching,

and I began to limp.

I fainted as a result of the shock;

My “Mind” was the priest.

And so what was dispelled from my body,

moved up to my mind and made itself a permanent resident,

taking total control of my body and soul.

Till this day, 

I find myself on the floor,

shivering in pain because of this parasite.

Feeling it feed off me till all the flesh on my bone is gone

So I walk around with the pain,

with no hope,

to be free from Love.


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