As soldiers at war
We arm ourselves with guns and bombs
Wearing bulletproof jackets to protect our hearts
Leaving trails of liquor
As we throw shots in the air
Fighting against pain and it’s army
Taking revolving shots till we see pain go down
And then we rejoice at its fall
Dance with excitement
And live beautifully

But then pain shows up disguised as a gift
We welcome pain in unknowingly
And it begins its work
We feel it holding us hostage from within
Squeezing our throats and turning our stomachs
Tormenting our minds
And breaking us gradually
Till we uncontrollably bleed through our eyes

We struggle with the inward war
And gradually lose ourselves to pain
Laying on the floor with the inability to move
Blinded by tears and hibernated in isolation

But the irony
We become victims
Falling in love with our captor
Holding on to pain as it gets tired of us and tries to set us free
Having a love hate relationship
Torturing ourselves with the struggle to live with pain and let go

And so we hold on to pain
Cause we are scared of the truth
Once pain is gone
We lose grip of what we are holding on to
We finally have to say


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