You and I


It was a cold evening
Even plants had to put on their jackets
The weather had changed its color
Everywhere had lost light
The winds had began their party
Sweeping and tossing objects
And moving in different directions during their ball room dance
Everyone had retired for the night
Everyone had locked in for the night
The town was quiet Rats were scared to make sounds
The drop of a needle was louder than a dog’s bark No one was out
All were in
Waiting patiently for the Great War which was about to begin
No one dared to step out
And as the war started above
The lightning with swords and thunder with guns
Fighting fiercely against each other
They made sounds
That created fear among all
The war went on for hours
Drops of white blood scattered the land
No one was outside
Except her
An old widow
She was at the park
Sitting and watching
Waiting and watching
Her body was covered in white blood
No one was brave enough to save her
No one was kind
No one
And then suddenly
To her right was another
An old man sitting and watching
No one could save them
The war became fiercer
The impact started chasing trees from their homes
The caps of houses were blown away
And the calm party of the winds became a riot
Oh how I wished someone could save the old
They managed to come closer
And she buried herself in his arms
Their hearts were beating faster
Their hearts were beating slower
She buried herself deeper
And warmth was found
He held her closely
With so much love
He held her slowly
And gradually he became stiff
The war ended
Drops of white blood still fell on the land
It was calm She could at least walk
She removed herself from the arm and tried to see the face of her hero
But there was no face
There was no body
There was just the jacket
She was enveloped in fear
She dragged herself home quickly and locked the door
Morning came
Everywhere was illuminated
She stood up to make coffee
She noticed her wardrobe door was open
And a jacket was missing from the hanger
She was frightened
Later that day
She took a walk back to the park
And picked up the jacket
It was from hers
It was hers
Her husband’s favorite jacket
He wore the jacket the day he left earth
In the pocket of the jacket
Was a note
“I will always be here I will never leave you Forever we will be For through it all It’s just you and I ”
He wrote
She couldn’t understand what had happened
But held on to the jacket with fear and joy
On her way home
She saw someone with the same figure as her husband
With a smile
She realized
That even though dead
He is always there
For he kept his promise
And meant what he said
It’s just you and I


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