What is and What was wasn’t


The beginning of a lifetime of joy
Bounded by vows of I do
Waking up each day to something new
Enjoying every moment
Making it last for great memories
Staring deeply
Knowing that what is and what has been, will always be
I find myself being consumed by every hug
And every stroke of kiss
Taking me deeper as I dive into the ocean of her love
Sharing my oxygen with her
As we hold hands exploring the wonders of the ocean
But then I find myself gasping for air
Realizing that my oxygen was empty
And hers was full
And so I start drowning
Calling out to her
Going deeper
Staring deeply
With the ocean washing away each tear
Making it difficult for her to see the pain and desire to breathe
Struggling to kiss her
Hoping that what’s left could be shared
But I find myself falling
My vision fading
Darkness becoming
light disappearing
And then I wake up on a bed of truth
Being nursed by reality
Fed by understanding
That what is and what was, wasn’t.


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