I didn’t realize how much I talked about you. Even when I was after another, I brought you up in every discussion, even times I don’t remember, I heard I was excited when you moved to my neighborhood. I don’t know why I’m hooked, so hooked that it’s difficult to walk away. No one matters, nothing matters. I don’t understand this level of patience. Am I patient? Or am I struggling to be? I battle with myself, my head has become a war field with my emotions throwing bombs at each other. I feel like I’m being controlled by a higher power, almost as if I was designed to love you, created to need you, born to want you. I saw you, I liked you. I gave that “like” a little attention and it went out of control, splashing everywhere like a volcano, leaving behind solid foundations of passion and desire, forming a cave and trapping me in, making it difficult to call for help when I see other beauties walking by…What can I do? I cry inside when I see you, I struggle when I hold you and yet I escape to every thought of you, because only there do I find bliss and rest, building a home and future, imagining your lips on mine and mine on yours, massaging softly as our lips lock and tongue merge to form one, closing our eyes as we get lost in each other, holding nothing back but our anxieties as we fellowship in a kiss and our minds. My only hope is that you create a door in the cave, breakthrough and join me as we seal it from behind, lighting a candle of love to bring light to this darkness as the love candle illuminates the cave and we lay in silence connecting in our thoughts. Only then will I escape this torture. Because as days go by, I feel series of earthquakes in my heart. But only a shelter of yes will I lay and find rest.


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