Unsent Letter


They met in the park
Their meeting was magical
A hello sounded like a melody
A handshake had more warmth like a hug
They stared into each others eyes like children filled with enthusiasm
It was magical
The beginning of a fairytale
Years passed and nothing changed
Months passed and nothing changed
Life had more meaning for both of them
And suddenly
A blackout happens
Things changed
A little argument
A loss of magic
A loss of fairytale
A loss
Things changed
A Grey stone had signatures
With encores of roses
A loss
There was no they
Life lost its beauty for them
A great tragedy
She wept daily
Wrongs could not be right
She drank daily
The grey stone became the bar
She wrote a letter drunk
“Dear Darl, You with be To wait can’t I Because die will I Soon”
Then signed it with a tear
The bar became empty
A bullet was missing
Another grey stone
With families of flowers
Another loss Another tragedy
Why did such tragedy befall them?
Why did the fairytale become a nightmare?
Why did she kill herself?
Questions were asked amongst the town’s people
But no answer was found
Little did they know that there was an answer to one of the questions
But it was encrypted backwards
In her unsent letter


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