Where do I draw the line 

I don’t understand this

It’s started as a friendly crush 

And over the years it built up into something more

Something different 

I find my heart drawn towards her

The feeling grows every day I see her

Every time I hear her voice

Every smile

Every hug

I can’t control it

To love and not be loved

Is one of the most terrible feeling on earth 

I love her so much

It’s almost impossible to picture a life without her

I’ve communicated in expressions

Communicated in words

Communicated in gestures

Communicated in patience

Waiting for her to grow in love for me

But I wait at sea, like sailor lost in the ocean

Floating on a boat of hope

Surrounded by empty words

And waves of pity

Where do I draw the line

Why wait when I have others waiting for me

Why hold on, while I swim in the thoughts of others

It’s so hard to say good bye

It’s hard to move on

Hard to walk away

Thinking about it shatters my heart a little 

To love and be unloved

It’s painful

My body is consumed with pain

My heart hurts

My throat hurts

My face reveals the pain I feel inside

As tears form waiting to be released on my command

I’m a man, I’ve been through heartbreaks, breakups and broken relationships

Left close friends

But nothing scares me more than turning my back on her

I don’t know why

Where do I draw the line

What is it about her?

God must have blessed her for me to love her this way

No one else matters

No one else

She’s taken over me

I can’t play games 

Can’t play mind games

I’m incapable of not showing emotions

I’m dead in love with her


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