Remember Me


The battle between life and death ends in a flash with no warning of the perceived outcome
I am stuck in a thin line between life and death
My body shakes as I ride down to the point of non existence
All that remains in thought are the ideas and things I lived for, the tragedy of a loss and the future crippling of those I hold dear
My body trembles in fear and anxiety
My eyes are shot with the aim of seeing nothing
My focus is interrupted by the screams of souls struggling to exist
And as I hold on dearly to whose beside me and watch the tears roll from her My body is surrounded with bumps and my eyes become an ocean with an unstoppable flow of love memories
I rush to my pocket to send a message to those I was leaving behind
But with time’s less generosity, my feelings couldn’t be communicated clearly
For the earth was all so eager to add my body to its design
And my soul longed to be in the company of the divine
All that was written for them to see
Was a request to remember me


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