Pisces Girl


But transparent
Describing her
Requires a wild imagination
She is indeed strong
That I am not wrong
She isn’t far from that
She guards herself with independence
She guards herself with pride
She feels she can stand alone
But deep down she craves company
Solitude is her best friend when she needs to escape the world
Sharing her feelings seem difficult to do
But with the right party 80 percent is shared
Imaginative? She is
She is like a book
The first page won’t tell you everything
All pages must be read to give you 90 percent
But 10 percent must come from her
Guarded she is
But she loves like a goddess
Shy? Sort of
Talented? Definitely
Playful? One of her best qualities
The idea of her is beauty
A sight and class is defined
It is how she is, how she wants to be
She loves romance though she might hide it
She loves passion though she might deny it
She won’t chase even though she craves it
She is deep
She is crazy, you should catch her unawares
Sweep her off her feet with a little charm
Impress her with reality by just being
But do not dump her and leave
Because like every beautiful baby born in March
She would scream
Love me


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