Frozen Heart


There were tales that said her heart was taken
And the irony and reality was that it left her cold instead of warm
Freezing every approach from suitors
Building ice castles to prevent the ones
Making herself separate from the world of love
And like a knight I journeyed to her castle
Fought mythical creatures of impatience and inconsistency
Wrestled guards guarding determination
And finally I arrived at the castle
Offering my heart as a gift to fix her
I climbed frozen stairs
With my feet and fingers freezing at each step
Dodging rods of ice
And echoes telling me to pull back
But I persevered
And when I arrived at her throne
I brought out my gift
Knelt down as I was trained
And waited for her response
And when she stood up
I realized that her heart was in her
It was frozen
I begged to replace hers with mine
But she refused and created more walls to separate her from me
I kept on breaking walls
And she kept building more
And months went by
Years went by
And with time
I began to freeze
I brought out my rejected heart
And found it frozen
Being trapped in her world made me like her
And so I left
Travelled far and built my castle
With the understanding
That you can’t fix people with frozen hearts
All attempts make you like them


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