Expressions in silence


l lay down
Barely asleep
Gazing at an expression of beauty
My tummy rumbling
And my fingers twitching
No words are spoken
Only an euphoric silence

I wrap my arms around what seems tender and delicate
Like a child holding a teddy
I experience a certain difficulty
Letting go of what seemed
Perfectly perfect

What started as a night with dim bulb lights
Has become a night with candle lights and elements of roses

I place my fingers on the expression
A sensation flows through my body as my eyes close and lips make their way
I’m enveloped with the guilt of wanting the sensation to last
My head and heart battle on right and wrong
And for a moment
Both come to an agreement

I hold myself from words
Begging emotions to hide
Struggling to reduce the speed of my heart
Hoping that my expressions don’t give me away
Hoping! that what’s meant to be said is absent from thought

But silence slowly gives me away
As my eyes open and the tears portray my feelings
My hands grabbing tighter
And my breath slowly disappearing
I find myself saying in deep silence
I need you


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