Diary of a Slave


I was once a Prince
Living the good life
Surrounded by expensive things
Walked on gold
And was lifted by the praises of lovers
And one day Life changed
Expensive things meant nothing
I found myself taking walks by the beach
Being blown by winds of thoughts
And Watching the waves of desires flow
And during a session of walk
I was kidnapped by soul
Arrested by beauty
Bought by a sense of purity
And sold to the idea of perfection
I went willing to the palace of the Queen
Watching her daily as she moved from bed to throne with an absence of joy I felt compelled to give
A letter was placed for me to be returned home
But I was consumed by the idea of becoming a slave
I begged for a chance to serve
Wanting nothing but a yes to carry on a life time of slavery
Attending to every emotional
Physical and spiritual need of the Queen
Giving her happiness and extraordinary love from within
But as I grew in the ranks of the slaves
I wanted more of her
And I wanted more from her
I broke through every wall
Worked day and night
Built altars and castles
But it wasn’t enough
That joy was still absent
That smile was nonexistent
With every gift of love
Gesture of care
I was still unnoticed
She was loved
But it wasn’t enough to breakthrough and give her the happiness I intended So after so much work and pain
After so much drama and desire for fame in her heart
I decided to accept my freedom
And return to my kingdom
Cause at the end of the day
Only a King can ensure the longevity of the happiness of a Queen


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