Dear Maya


Dear Maya
At least I believe that’s what they would have called you
It means mirror of beauty
Exactly how I would have pictured you
Short curly hair
Beautiful eyes like your mother
And talented with art like your father
We waited for you excited when you were housed in mummy
People reading the lines on my palms to determine your sex
We waited patiently
Hearing you knock on mummy’s walls with such enthusiasm to see the world
How excited I was to give up my position as the youngest
How excited I was to have some responsibility of some sort
Steady preparing for my role to protect you from perverted friends
Thinking of the lullabies I will sing to watch you fall asleep
But all that was shattered when mummy and daddy came back home with tears in their eyes
First time I saw mummy cry and I was moved to join her
The tragedy of losing you before you saw the world you were so eager to see consumed us
We mourned you earnestly for years and deep down we still do
Sometimes I feel you watching over us from the shadows
I feel your presence with me when I go through hard times
Dear sister you should be 18 by now
I guess God felt you weren’t built for this world
I don’t blame Him the world can’t handle angels like you
You will always remain our hearts
Even if when we seem happy and joyful
We still carry the pain of your loss in us
I hope we would meet soon
And there would be no need for introduction because blood recognizes its own I love you so much
Rest In Peace


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