Time flies
Before you know it
One finds himself lost in a dream
The idea of passion becomes non existent
I have kept my most priceless possession within
Guarded it with the past
Guarded it with the future
With the hope to share it
With one who can handle it
But as time flies
My guards go weaker
And my possession is being exposed
I am opening up
And I am falling
I have fallen
And I have given my possession to someone perhaps unworthy
And I have fallen
I can’t get up
I watch from afar as my possession is shattered
My body is soaked in tears
I may have showed too much
My body is soaked in sorrow
And There’s no going back
I have lost
And all I can do
Is bear the cost
But as my body breaks and turns to dust
My only hope Is in thee I trust.


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