Broken Silence


That was all silence had to say
Nothing added
Nothing discarded
Just stay

Silence and I have been best friends for sometime now
Holding all my secrets and fears to heart
And expressing some when she sees fit

I told silence about her
That expression of beauty
That idea of perfection
That one that clears all misery
That one who is just enough
That one who taps into the core of my being
Slowly penetrating through every brick wall and emotion protecting my heart
Breaking every layer of safe wall
Grabbing onto my heart like its hers to take
That one
That makes it difficult to separate the dream from reality
That one
I told silence

Silence kept this secret hidden
Until silence saw my pain and we had an argument
Making me realize that I was blind to see what was bright
Exposing me for the hypocrite that I am
Taking me to an emotional court and finding me guilty of falling in love Silence then becomes disloyal
Turning away from me as I watch tears roll from her eyes

I try holding on to silence but she breaks
Exposing all my secrets
Pouring out a volcano of words that erupted from within me
Making me say things I never knew I could say
Making me confirm that my heart was hers to take
Making me say
That all positive emotions lead to her
Making me say
That even if we are apart and far
My heart steady belongs to her
For now I’m exposed
And there’s no denial
That I will always be in love with her.


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