War within


Awake and ready
It’s the dark ages
The war is still on
Everything is moving fast but steady
He dashes out with a rifle
And cracks it as he directs people
Then he runs to the field
Gun shots everywhere
Soldiers didnt seem to care
He hides
He shoots aimlessly
He ducks
He shoots aimlessly
The war becomes fierce
People losing lives and family
What was before us was calamity
Then he left
He ran
Then he entered the enemies camp
He fought quietly but yet loud
He killed a multitude but yet little
The war had no end
Fact the war had no beginning
He climbed to the roof of a building
Shooting everyone below
Brave he was
Courageous I said
But what was the war
Who was against who
Who offended who
Questions he asked as he fought
Realizing he had no side to take
As a crow passed
He fell
On his knees were bruises
He’s hands were shaking
Black images
White backgrounds
He held his chest
It was covered in red
He looked south
And another crow passed
He’s back was covered in red
He fell forward yet backwards
He’s heart was ripped
And couldn’t be fixed
Dead and gone he was
The war ended
As he lay
She carried him
Where did she come from
Who was she
As she laid him on the bed
He asked who won the war
Wat war she asked
Confused he was
Then she held his hand
Her finger with a single diamond
She was engaged to not him
He felt his heart rip deeper
He had lost the battle
It became clear the beginning
And it became clear the end
It wasn’t a war
But a war from within
A war with his emotions
A war with his tears
A war
A war which he lost
But yet alive
A war within.


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