Its a pleasure


It’s a beautiful weather
A beautiful time
A beautiful point in time
For once
Perfection seems at the grip
How can one hold this feeling
Without getting lost in the deep
As the birds fly
And the wind flys with them
They all head to the right
And at the right
A beauty like no 1
Classy like no 1
But the look in her eyes say otherwise
One can only hope
And as tears drop
They leave signatures on the ground
Cracks n signs
I tried to trace these tears
Tryin to join the connection
And aS i look beyond
She screams save me
And I asked what from
And she said from age
And as I looked at her again
I could see wrinkles
Her eyes field with tears
Her hands shaking
The walking stick beside her
She was blind
She couldn’t move
I ran quickly to her
As fast as I could
But I was slower thAn a snail
And as I caught up with her
She whispered in my ears
Who’s going to save us
That’s when I realized
I had grey
I could barely see her
My back ached
And I fell to the ground
I was older…
And she lay beside me
And whispered
See you someday
In a place without time
A place without space
It was a pleasure
And our eyes closed
And as she held my hand
I woke up
Oh thank goodness
It was just a dream
I went to wash my face
I checked the mirror
Still 26
A smile gripped me so hard
I couldn’t help it
I walked through the corridors in my
Everywhere seems empty
I looked at the newspaper on the table
Two old folks found dead on the street
I ran out
I saw people gathered in the rain
All black
All tears
And I saw a picture of me
I was frozen in fear
I had passed on
Then I felt a grip on my hand
It was her
A 26 her
A younger version
And she said
We meet again
With a great smile
She whispered
It’s a pleasure…..


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